Sunday, 4 March 2012

Pip & John: A love story

Last year John Bean, Paul Lockyer & Gary Ticehurst were killed when the ABC helicopter crashed near Lake Eyre last August. Trent Dalton, my favourite Queensland journalist, spoke to John's widow, Pip, and wrote this in this week's QWeekend. It broke my heart & I spent a good hour or so reeling. It is too good not to share:

I love you. I love you so much that tonight I don't want to go out. I just want to stay in with some Thai food and a bottle of bubbles and watch trashy science fiction on our couch. Tonight, i don't want to share you with anyone else. I love you so much that on my day off I will drive nine hours to spend a night with you in Walgett, in nonrth-west NSW. I'll consider every last word that falls from your lips. I will call you every night. I will turn off my bedside light and in the darkness tell you how much I appreciate you being my wife; how you make a weekend spent going to the dump feel like the perfect weekend. I will feed your addiction to crockery. I will lug fragile and cubersome crockery sets across the globe for you. I will track down a cover image from your favourite magazine, The New Yorker, and I will frame it and the image will feature a cat overlooking New York City because I know you adore cats as much as you adore the city of New York. I will bore my friends and colleagues with stories about you. When you travel I will send love faxes to your hotel every morning. I will buy you every last cookbook you take the vaguest interest in and I will write in every one. I will send you flowers for no reason. I will send you so many flowers that the guard at the gates of the ABC will winder how many birthdays you Tasmanian girls celebrate. I will leave letters on the pillow for you when I go away. When we're lucky enough to work together I will reach my hand behind the passenger seat so the sound guy can't see and we will quietly hold hands on the long drive home in the darkness. We'll buy a house in the suburbs. We'll buy an extra large dining table so people will know they can always bring a friend, so people will know ours is a home filled with laughter and joy and discussion and love. I will buy you an old shack on Hawley Beach, Tasmania, and we will retire there and we will hold hands and talk about news and current affairs and friends and family as we walk 100m to the beach of your dreams. And you will redefine my meaning of happiness.

My hope is that we all get to love like that.


  1. I shed a tear or two on reading this one. I'm not ordinarily a big Dalton fan, but in this case the truth of the matter cuts through, and deep.


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